Friday, 9 September 2011

Google's China license renewed for a year

Although search giant, Google, had a successful run elsewhere in the world, its experience in China was a rocky one. The censorship laws enforced by the Chinese government ensured that Google had a noose around its neck, while it operated there. However, the going got tougher for Google in China as several of Google's otherwise popular services began taking a beating in the country. Services like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, where the masses freely voice their opinion elsewhere, were censored in China. Then in January 2010, Google decided that it would not censor its search results relating to China, and would instead move base to Hong Kong. 

Back in business?
Back in business?

Now, however, reports suggest that China has indeed renewed Google's license to operate its local website in their country for a period of one year. However, nothing much on the same has been revealed. 


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