Sunday, 11 September 2011

Motorola Readying A Facebook Phone?

The phone is listed on Bluetooth SIG as EX-225 with a Facebook button.

There is no doubt that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are an integral part of people's lives today. Smartphone manufacturers clearly understand this fact and produce phones with dedicated apps to suit the needs of users. A few months ago, we saw companies such as HTC and INQ take it to the next level with the announcement of FB phones. These phones had the deepest integration with the social networking platforms with easy sharing access to the network with a hardware button. Phones such as HTC ChaCha and Salsa are currently in the market with similar functions. It was only a matter of time till other manufacturers followed suit.

Motorola now seems to be readying a FB phone of its own to replicate the success generated by other Facebook phones. Bluetooth SIG has info about this new alleged Facebook phone from Motorola called the EX-225. From the picture available, we can make out that the EX-225 has a portrait physical QWERTY keyboard and a small Facebook button on the lower left part of the handset. Bluetooth SIG mentions that the handset features a 2.4" display and a 3 MP shooter at the back.

It has been reported that Motorola is also readying a dual SIM version of the handset in the form of EX-226 for Asian countries. The surprise is that there are no typical Android hardware buttons on the device, which raises questions if the device could be running Android. Perhaps the EX-225 could be seen running on Qualcomm's Brew OS which is quite interesting, though it is quite unlikely given the company's relationship with the owners of Android. Google, as most of us know by now, announced last month that it will be acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. The acquisition will come into effect later this year. As for the pricing and availability of the handset, there is no official word since the handset is still in its preliminary stages. However, looking at the hardware specifications, we believe it should be priced moderately.


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