Saturday, 3 September 2011

Android Tricks

“Android” is an operating system owned by Google which operates mobile phones. This is the obvious result of the developing development of technology. But this can be very complicated to the new android phone users to operate. I therefore give you some tricks which will make you comfortable to operate android phone to get extended performances.

Android Trick 1: To take a Screenshot

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to take a screenshot of your phone screen to mail it for any reason like complaining or commenting etc. To do that,
  • Download Android SDK for your computer.
  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Run “ddms” from the terminal.
  • Go to “Device” and take the screenshot with “Screen Capture” or [CTRL] + [S].
Link to Download Android SDK:

Android Trick 2: To Install Non-Market Applications

Android phones are bounded or limited for application installation. If you want to install any kind of non-market applications from your friends or from anywhere, you must follow the process stated below,
  • Go to Menu→ Settings→ Applications→ Unknown sources.
  • Check “Unknown Sources”.
  • Also enable “stay awake” by going Menu→ Settings→ Applications→ Development.
  • Now install any kind of malicious application by browsing the browser or by using “adb install command”.

Android Trick 3: To protect your phone from virus:-

  • Download “Lookout Mobile Security” for your android phone.
  • This application scans your android phone to warn you of any kind of suspicious or malicious applications in your phone.

Android Trick 4: To save battery life:-

Android animated backgrounds are awesome. But when your battery does not have enough charge, you can extend using the phone with minimal applications running. Go to Settings→  Display→ Animations and cancel all the animations.

Android Trick 5: To speed up Google Search

To speed up searching or browsing significantly, you must disable the “Web Suggestion” feature.
Go to Settings→ Search→  Google search settings and deactivate the web suggestions.

Android Trick 6: To Manage files easily

Android phones have the facility to download any file to its internal memory. But, once it is transferred, it is very hard to find it. For this, you should download “Astro File Manager” by which you can easily sort or mange your files.


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