Monday, 19 September 2011

Steps to Enable Video Calling in Facebook Chat

Facebook owner March Zuckerberg as of today has announced the video calling feature in Facebook chat. This is pretty exciting as it would really create an extra boost to the site's popularity. The steps to start the video calling are pretty simple and basic. See below for the instructions, it hardly takes five minutes for it all to happen.

Steps to Enable Video Calling in Facebook: 

1. Firstly go to this link : Video Calling Setup Page

2. On this page now you can see "Get Started" Click on that Link.

Facebook would take you through a one time setup process. Download the File and Run It.

3. Facebook will show you the List of your friends online. Click on the friend you want to call and simply use the new "camera" icon displayed in the call screen. 

 Start Video Calling.

If you are having problems running the video chat. Uninstall the video chat plugin. Download it again and then close all browsers before installing it. It would hopefully work fine.

The other person you are calling should also have the Facebook Video Chat plugin installed, otherwise the chat would not take place.

Also do update your flash player.


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