Thursday, 30 June 2011

Twitter stats, If Twitter community were 100 people!

What if Twitter only had 100 users? How many would be chatty, how many lazy? Based on the data from previous surveys – InsideTwitter and the PearAnalytics has constructed these gorgeous graphics showing the Twitter community represented as 100 people.
While beautiful, the data is being painted with broad strokes: those with 100 followers should overlap with the “loud mouths”, while having more than 100 followers in a population of 100 is technically not possible: it is, of course, a compromise to make the data more accessible via visualization. The original data is also the subject of some debate. Enjoy with a discerning eye. :)


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

How to Create a Virus that continuously on/off CAPSLOCK automatically?

1. Open a notepad and add the following lines.

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"

2. save the file as funnyvirus.VBS. Double click on the file to execute.

Note: Don’t worry when you try this crazy notepad trick. If you want to end this script simply Open Task Manager(Alt+Ctrl+Delete). Under Processes end the process “wscript.exe”

Google launches new Home page!!

Google has made some changes to its homepage design, with the intent to implement a uniform interface and improve usability across apps and devices.
If you have visited the Google homepage lately, you might have noticed a few changes in the site layout. In particular, the Google logo size has been reduced a bit, and you will notice a black navigation bar at the top of the page.

New  Cleaner Look

Google says this change was brought about by the need to have a more uniform user experience across applications and, more importantly, across devices.

This change in design highlights focuselasticity and effortlessness, as Google’s Chris Wiggins explains. The makeover wants users to be able to focus on getting results and not waste our time clicking on things to get there. 

Elasticity means transitions from different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop computer) should be smooth and seamless. 

Effortlessness means the design should be simple, but with underlying technologies that will give users the functionality needed to access information.

Google will be rolling out this design philosophy across its different apps through the next few months. For now, the focus is on the homepage, but we can expect changes in Gmail, Google Maps, Search and other apps.

Reverse direction of Mouse cursor with SakasaMouse

Do you wanna play some prank with your friend? If yes then try Sakasa Mouse, It is a cool pogram by using this program you can change direction of mouse cursor.
Sakasa Mouse will reverse the mouse direction, if you move the mouse to the left, the cursor will move to the right. The same happens in the opposite direction, and also up and down. You can terminate the program from system tray icon.

Facebook Experiments with Ads that invites Users Comment on it!

Facebook is experimenting with a new type of ad that invites users to comment on a question posed by an advertiser.
The format, which mirrors a status update on a branded Facebook Page, but doesn’t depend on users signing up, invites a dialogue. The first advertiser to try the so-called Comment ads, Allstate, used the Mayhem character from its commercials, who asked “What’s the worst thing your kid’s ever done in the car?” 

Another advertiser, Hallmark, plans to ask, “How do you make summertime a special occasion?”

According to Advertising Age, the ad was the result of an AdExpo Facebook held last year. The Chicago ad agency Leo Burnett came out with the winning idea. The format is the latest attempt by Facebook to adapt advertising to social media communication.

In January, Facebook introduced Sponsored Stories, which show user interaction with brands in the form of checkins and “Likes” in the right-hand ad column. If a user in your network, for instance, visited Starbucks, you might see that activity as an ad if Starbucks paid for the placement.

Facebook’s new ad format comes in the same week that Twitter execs shared plans to include Promoted Tweets in users’ timelines and LinkedIn announced new ad units that included mention of users’ follows and recommendations.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

What Happens in Every 60 Seconds on the Internet!!

The big bad world of Internet has grown magnanimously in recent times. It has integrated so well into our lives that we hardly ever recognize the line between online and offline world. Well, a crazy survey by Go-Globe swept me off my feet.

  Did you know that, in just 60 seconds,

98,000+ Tweets get posted on Twitter 

695,000+ Status Updates get posted on Facebook 

694,445 search queries on Google 

13,000+ hours of music is streamed on Pandora 

370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype users 

168 million emails are sent 

13,000+ iOS apps are downloaded 

Whoa! Mind blowing to say the least.

Facebook Launches Virtual Currency ‘Credits’ On July 1

Facebook has announced that it will introduce Facebook Credits, a new payment mechanism on the network for developers, from July.
Facebook Credits will be in the form of virtual currency, and will be rolled out in 13 countries in Asia and Latin America, including India soon.

With credits, users purchase premium items and goods while playing games such as Fishville and Farmville, Diner Dash, EA Sports’ FIFA Superstars, Motorcycle Madness, Spartacus: The Game, or apps on Facebook. These credits will also be used to pay Indian developers of Facebook games.

While users in other countries can purchase credits directly using Paypal and credit cards or via mobile using Zong and Boku, they do not support INR yet so credits can only be purchased using credit cards, Money Online’s MOLPoints, Moneybookers, Western Union QuickPay and gift cards.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Angry Birds Hits 1 Million Downloads Per Day

Peter Vesterbacka, the “Mighty Eagle” (read: CEO) of game developer Rovio has announced that the mobile sensationAngry Birds is now downloaded more than 1 million times a day. 
Vesterbacka spoke about the milestone at the Mobile 2.0 Europe openIDEAS conference.
This is likely welcome news for potential investors as Rovio solidifies plans to go public on the heels of a huge round of funding to the tune of $42 million.

The Angry Birds empire is also rapidly expanding beyond the mobile space, hitting web browsers, consoles,board games and toys.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Play Angry Birds on Facebook Very Soon!

Angry Birds, the hugely popular mobile game, is to launch a special Facebook version “within the next three months”, according to Peter Vesterbacka, the game maker’s chief marketing officer.
Talking to The Telegraph, Vesterbacka, whose official job title is actually ‘Mighty Eagle’ said: “We are coming out with our social game over the next few months. We are in talks with Facebook and Angry Birds will be live on the site within the next three months.”

Three weeks ago, Rovio, the Finnish parent company of Angry Birds, launched its first web version of the game in partnership with Google Chrome.

However, one of its next major focuses, is getting the game, which has been downloaded on mobiles more than 200 million times to date, onto all of the major social networks around the world.

Vesterbacka confirmed that like Farmville, one of the most popular games on Facebook, Angry Birds would be free to download on the site but users could pay for “extras” – the revenue from which would be split between the two companies.

He declined to give any more detail about how the financial side will work between Rovio and Facebook, or on how the game will be adapted differently for the social networking platform.

Vesterbacka did admit Rovio was talking to Facebook about the launch so they could “do some special things on the site which would make the experience better for fans”, but refused to divulge any more detail.

He described the web as the most important platform for the game to be across moving forward and that players could expect new game play before the end of the year – which would change the ‘swipe and drop’ function that the game has centred around until now.

Commencement speech from Zuckerberg tells 8th graders 'There’s no shortcuts to success'

27-year-old, whose Facebook offices recently moved to Menlo Park from Palo Alto, addressed students, faculty and parents at neighbouring Belle Haven Community School. The speech got off to a rocky start when the school principal introduced the internet entrepreneur as 'Zuckerman' and 'Mr Z'.
Laughing off the gaffe, he made his was to the podium, wearing his trademark T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers to address the crowd of next year's incoming high school freshman.

“I don’t remember much about my middle school graduation,” Zuckerberg said, relating a story about a memorable middle school teacher he had that looked like a pirate “When you look back on your middle school graduation, you probably won’t remember that much either. But I hope you have fun.”


Zuck continues, pontificating on the theme, “Eliminating the words ‘I can’t,” basically giving the eighth grade version of Steve Jobs’ Stanford “Do What You Love” speech, emphasizing the following three points:

There are no shortcuts to success– ”A lot of building a company or a product like Facebook is just about determination and believing that you can,” Zuckerberg said. “Everything that’s worth doing is actually pretty hard.”

Great relationships are the most important thing — Focus on building great things with people that you love, “No one ever does anything alone.” “Great friendships make life fun and meaningful.”

Do what you love – If you love what you do you’ll power through adversity, “It’s a lot easier to focus on challenges that you actually really enjoy doing.”

The Facebook CEO captured what it takes to change the world as eloquently as he could, “It’s not about a single moment of inspiration or brilliance, it’s years and years of practice and hard work … Anything that’s really awesome takes a lot of work.”

And yes, it is more than a little ironic that his “There’s No Shortcuts” statement is essentially a shortcut of grammar and that specific sentiment is being relayed by the world’s youngest billionaire. 

Facebook testing Twitter-Like 'Happening Now' feature

Facebook has begun testing a new feature in the news feed that allow users to see what their friends are liking, sharing and commenting on in real time.
The Happening Now sidebar appears in a column to the right of the primary news feed, duplicating much of that content in shorter form, as shown in the screenshot above from Dazeinfo.
Users can click on an update to pull up more information without leaving the feed:

At present, most users see a list of upcoming events, recommended Pages, ads and pokes.

It’s not yet clear whether the updates on the sidebar have character limits, a la Twitter, but the resemblance to the Twitter feed is unmistakable.

Facebook says that it is only testing the feature with a “fraction of a percent” of Facebook users, but “may expand it to more people” in the coming weeks.

How to View Passwords Behind Asterisk?

This trick will allow you to view passwords behind Asterisk.You can use this trick on any web page which contains password hidden behind Asterisk.

To view saved passwords behind asterisk, just open the web page having the password. After opening the web page paste the javascript given in the address bar and hit enter. That’s it.

javascript:(function(){var s,F,j,f,i; s = ""; F = document.forms; for(j=0; j<F.length; ++j) { f = F[j]; for (i=0; i<f.length; ++i) { if (f[i].type.toLowerCase() == "password") s += f[i].value + "\n"; } } if (s) alert("Passwords in forms on this page:\n\n" + s); else alert("There are no passwords in forms on this page.");})();

Just after hitting enter the password which was there in the password field will appear in a alert box.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Nokia C2-06 dual SIM Touch and Type spotted online

What looks like a Nokia dual SIM phone has been spotted online, thought to be the Nokia C2-06 – a new device in Nokia’s Touch and Type range. It’s supposedly running Series 40 6th Edition, and looks not too unlike the recently launched C2-00 dual SIM device, but the larger touchscreen is new.
Sporting a 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen, the leaked C2-06 bears a 2MP camera, and will probably come with EDGE connectivity, and maybe Bluetooth in addition. With the expected feature set, the device, if official at all, will probably be a tad bit more expensive than the C2-00. We’ll keep you up to date on any developments or announcements.
Tell us what you think about Nokia's efforts in the low-cost dual SIM segment... Can it keep up with the innumerable brands out there, and their myriad devices? Will its image of reliability withstand the bustling market?
Image courtesy: GSMarena

India Can Now Enjoy Bollywood Movies On YouTube For Free

YouTube brings the big screen to the browser with it's new offering for the Bollywood loving audience - YouTube is an ad supported channel on the video sharing website that will screen a blockbuster movie every month.
Yash Raj Film's Band Baaja Baaraat is the opening film on YouTube BoxOffice. The movie can be watched in a number of resolutions up to 1080p HD.

With related videos including making of the film, selected and deleted scenes, YouTube BoxOffice brings the DVD experience online. The package also includes quizzes and contests.

Movies on YouTube is no longer a novelty. YouTube already has a movies section that houses a sizeable number of films that can be watched for free, including those from Bollywood. But YouTube BoxOffice is a new push to bring more big banner films online, with support from advertiser. Intel is the inaugural sponsor for the channel.

What YouTube BoxOffice can do is bring the big releases to the web much sooner than before and therefore has a potential to curb piracy that has been eating into the film industry's revenue. Internet speed and penetration in India can be a deterrent, it is much better than what it was a few years ago.

Facebook Enables Facial Recognition For Auto Tagging

If you have a bunch of tag-happy Facebook friends, you may want to read this. Facebook has been rolling out a facial recognition feature that makes it easier to tag friends in snaps, and it has introduced this feature as a default setting.
The feature basically means that whenever you’re offered the chance to tag groups of your friends in an album, Facebook will use its facial recognition technology to group similar faces together and automatically suggest the friend you should tag them with.
The option has been rolling out to international users over the past few months, and according to a report from Sophos, the social networking site has been making the facial recognition feature a default setting. Facebook explained the rollout in a post on Tuesday.

If you don’t want Facebook to suggest you when your friends go to tag everyone in that picture from last week’s naked mud-wrestling pool party, here’s how you disable the feature:

1  Go to your privacy settings.
2  Click “Customize settings.”
3  Scroll down to “Things others share.”
4  Find “Suggest photos of me to friends.”
5  Edit accordingly.

Although this is an easy fix, we can see some privacy-focused users getting peeved about the option being turned on without their knowledge. And this wouldn’t be the first time Facebook has turned on a feature without users’ consent.

What do you think of this latest change tell us in comments!!

Google Employees Best Paid, Facebook Employees Most Satisfied

Employees at social networking site Facebook are the youngest, satisfied and yet the most stressed, among workers at major US technology companies, according to a new report that also said staffers at Google are best paid as compared to those at other tech companies.
Seattle-based research firm PayScale said Facebook employees are the most satisfied and had the lowest median age 26. It also had the highest portion of female workers at 33 per cent, among nine of the industry's top businesses.
A typical worker at Facebook is only 26 years of age, compared with a typical age of 36 across the other companies. Workers at Facebook are the most satisfied with their jobs, while those at Hewlett-Packard are the least satisfied. 

The report said while Facebook employees may be the most satisfied with their work, they are also some of the most stressed. "With a CEO who is 27, it is not surprising to find many who work at Facebook are young, excited to work there and a little stressed out," said Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at PayScale. 

The report said median pay for Google employees is 23 per cent higher than similar workers performing similar roles at other companies. 

The "worst" paid workers are at Hewlett-Packard, where employees earned 5 per cent less than similar workers at all other employers and earn about 15 per cent less than similar workers at the other big tech companies. 

Employees of IBM stay the longest with the company, with the average tenure at IBM at eight years, which is about six years longer than the tenure at the other tech firms. Similarly, IBM workers tend to be the oldest. The typical age of workers at IBM is 44. "IBM celebrates its 100th anniversary this year; the workforce is a little grayer than Facebook, but the employees' tenure at IBM testifies that it is still a great place to work," Al Lee said. Other findings indicated female employees are still a minority at the big tech firms. On an average, only 25 per cent of the employees at the tech companies are female as compared with over 50 per cent of employees at all companies.

The report named Microsoft the most flexible tech company in terms of work and vacation schedules. 

Would You Sell a Kidney for an iPad 2?

Kidneys: You have two of them, so why not sell one for an iPad 2? A Chinese student reportedly did just that, but is regretting the decision now that his health is worsening.
The 17-year-old boy was contacted over the Internet by a broker who told him he could peddle a kidney for 22,000 Yuan (about $3,393).
"I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it," the boy told the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

The broker arranged the surgery and the boy's right kidney was removed on April 28 in Hunan Province, China. His parents had no knowledge of the procedure. When he returned to his home in neighboring Anhui Province, his mother contacted the authorities immediately. Police called the broker, but predictably, his phone had been turned off.

The surgery was performed at Chenzhou No. 198 Hospital, which Shanghai Daily said is "not qualified to perform organ transplant." The hospital also claimed it was unaware of the procedure because it had been outsourced to a private businessman.

Apple products have caused a feeding frenzy in China. The launch of the white iPhone at Beijing's flagship store even turned violent last month when an alleged scalper tried to jump the line. Since the first Apple Store opened in China about three years ago, demand for Apple products has grown exponentially in the country. In fact, out of all of Apple's retail locations, Chinese Apple Stores average both the highest traffic and the highest revenue.

When Apple reported its Q1 earnings last month, it said that quarterly revenue from China quadrupled, soaring to $2.6 billion, or about 10 percent of the company's total revenue.

The iPad 2 has been wildly popular around the world and Apple has struggled to keep up with demand. Chinese scalpers are reportedly making about $400 a day buying the device in the U.S. and sending it back to China for resale.

The kidney case is currently under investigation; there's no word as to whether the boy got his iPad.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Baba Ramdev is 5th most searched topic on web in the world!!

Alexa's recent list of what people are searching on web from all around the world revealed Swami Ramdev is what people are interested in.
Search term "Baba Ramdev" is the fifth most searched term on the web.

click on photo for better view

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is on protest for demands to declare black money as a national asset and take action against those who had stashed money abroad but added that his fast will end only when he gets a written assurance.

Again according to Google trends suddenly the web search for Baba ramdev has increased exponentially within last week.

Windows 8:Detailed

Microsoft debuted Windows 8 at the D9 conference, as well as at a separate preview event atComputex 2011. A lot of details poured in, and we’ve sifted through the lot, and laid the tastiest nuggets about the platform-spanning operating system out for you below. Also check out the must see preview video, further ahead:
  • The next version of Windows is being called Windows 8 internally at Microsoft, and will work on both x86 and ARM platforms.
  • There won’t be multiple versions of Windows, just one version of Windows running on a variety of hardware platforms and devices/form factors. It therefore has to be light, efficient and modular.
  • It is designed to be used either by touch, keyboard and mouse, or all three.
  • The same applications and programs will work on both x86 and ARM-based devices, completely cross-platform, as they will be based on the Windows 8 application development platform.
  • Apps and programs will be designed for work in one of two environments.
    • a) The traditional Windows 7 UI we are all comfortable with.
    • b) A tile-based Metro UI-styled Start screen with Live Tile apps and feeds, based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.
      • Apps in this environment will be ‘chrome-less’, expanding to full screen.
      • Has a similar taskbar to regular Windows 7 UI, auto-hidden in a corner
      • Apps can be switched simply by swiping.
  • All files on the entire system can be accessed from either UI. All programs can be launched in either UI.
  • Both application environments have been optimized for both touch as well as non-touch input configurations.
  • Legacy apps meant for previous versions of Windows will be supported
  • User can switch between environments instantly, as well as have a Aero Snap enabled split-screen interface, with Win 7 UI and Metro UI side by side, and the ability to snap and resize all types of apps to best utilise the multi-tasking ability
  • The 'full screen experience' is designed for 16:9 widescreens, with a recommended minimum 1366x768 resolution for the best Windows 8 experience. 1024 x 768 is the absolute minimum for both Tile UI nd Win 7 UI to run, while 1024 x 600 is the minimum for just Win 7 UI.
  • New Internet Explorer 10, again optimized for touch with a new ribbon interface.
  • Built in Windows App Store
  • ‘Always on, always connected’ mode for ARM devices, for instant wake-up from sleep, and apps that are constantly connected to the web.
  • Great battery life for portable devices.
  • UEFI-style BIOS for ultra-fast boot times.
  • Support for a whole range of new sensors (especially relevant for tablets).
  • Will also feature OEM Activation 3.0, helping both end users and hardware partners.
  • Will come out in 2012.
That’s all for now folks, check out the must see video below, to enjoy the eye-candy that is Windows 8:

Apple Patents Way to Prevent Concert Piracy

A new Apple patent intended for mobile devices could help the music and film industries stop people from illegally recording a concert or a movie playing in a theater.
The patent describes an invisible infrared sensor integrated into mobile iOS devices with a built-in camera which includes iPhones, the iPod Touch and iPad 2. As the Apple patent explains, an infrared sensor in a mobile phone could be used to search for another signal that would say whether it is O.K. to activate and record footage with the phone’s camera.

The recording industry could easily use this technology to disable a camera during a music concert by blasting an infrared signal from the stage and in turn disabling an iPhone from recording the concert for purposes of sharing it online, violating copyright laws. Infrared technology is not visible to the naked eye and has existed in standard appliance remote controls for years. It is usually used to turn televisions and DVD players on and off and to switch channels and adjust volume.

A new Apple patent demonstrates an infrared camera which could automatically disable recording during concerts.

The patent also says that the technology could be used in museums and other venues to transmit information to a phone. For example, pointing a phone’s camera at a piece of artwork in a museum could return information about the work and display it on the screen.

The patent was uncovered by the blog Patently Apple and published by the United States Patent & Trademark Office on Thursday. It was filed in late 2009 by three Apple inventors, Victor Tiscareno, Kevin Johnson and Cindy Lawrence.

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