Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Google launches new Home page!!

Google has made some changes to its homepage design, with the intent to implement a uniform interface and improve usability across apps and devices.
If you have visited the Google homepage lately, you might have noticed a few changes in the site layout. In particular, the Google logo size has been reduced a bit, and you will notice a black navigation bar at the top of the page.

New  Cleaner Look

Google says this change was brought about by the need to have a more uniform user experience across applications and, more importantly, across devices.

This change in design highlights focuselasticity and effortlessness, as Google’s Chris Wiggins explains. The makeover wants users to be able to focus on getting results and not waste our time clicking on things to get there. 

Elasticity means transitions from different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop computer) should be smooth and seamless. 

Effortlessness means the design should be simple, but with underlying technologies that will give users the functionality needed to access information.

Google will be rolling out this design philosophy across its different apps through the next few months. For now, the focus is on the homepage, but we can expect changes in Gmail, Google Maps, Search and other apps.


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