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Samsung Galaxy S II To Be Launched In White

Samsung Galaxy S II To Be Launched In White

The white GS2 will initially make way to the UK.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been widely successful wherever it has been launched. To improve on the current sales, the company will introduce a new white variant of the "Superphone" starting from the United Kingdom. The white variant has been put up for pre-order by UK-based retailer Clove, which means that other countries are likely to follow soon. With the black GS2 doing so well in the market, there is no doubt that the new white version could do considerable damage to other companies as well. This new variant is said to hit Clove UK on August 15. Samsung did something similar by launching a white variant of the GS2's predecessor, the Galaxy S.

The white GS2 will have the entire back panel coloured in striking white, while the front portion including the lone button could be posing entirely in white as well. According to the source, even the chassis of the device could be white. The white GS2 will come in a 16 GB version only for now. It is up for pre-order on the retailer's website for about " 492 (Rs 35,000 approx) which shows that the white variant is not going to be easy on your wallet. It is unfortunate though that there is no official image of the white GS2. That being said, Samsung could treat our eyes to the official photos sooner than we think.

The GS2 has blown away customers by its performance and the slim form factor, not to mention the super lightweight body. It seems like Samsung wants to spice things up with a variant to choose from. There is no updated image of the white version, but it should look pretty slick. Rest of the specifications will remain the same for the GS2 as you would expect. We wouldn't be surprised if the white GS2 would be priced heftily in the Indian subcontinent given the demand factor. The white variant should hit Asia by about next month or the month following that. It shouldn't make a difference to the fans though, since it's only a different colour and will not be offering anything new in terms of functionality.


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