Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Things That BlackBerry Got Right

BlackBerry as a brand is slowly fading away. It is losing to the likes of iOS and Android, not just in terms of market share, but mind share as well. Unless RIM makes some dramatic changes in the product line, it will soon be dead. I personally have never been a fan of the BlackBerry phones but there were some things that I always liked about them and thought deserved a mention. Things That BlackBerry Got Right

When it comes to basic communication features, BlackBerry phones are second to none. These features are the crux of any mobile phone but rarely does anyone get them right. But RIM has always managed to do that in every one of their phones.

The first is call clarity, which has always been top notch on a BlackBerry. You don't have to turn up the speaker volume all the way to the top or hold them in a specific way to get good reception.

Messaging has also been a strong feature and often the selling point of BlackBerry phones. Whether it was SMS, emails or instant messaging, BlackBerry phones had all bases covered with an excellent keypad to boot.

Lastly, and of most importance, is the battery life, which has always been fantastic on BlackBerry phones. Most of us Android and iOS users struggle to get a day of battery life, while those with BlackBerries consistently get two days on a single charge, that too on heavy usage.

While I'm using an iPhone or an Android, these are the things that I miss the most. It's sad that in their bid to become better smartphones they became lesser phones. Because these are the things every phone must have. Which is why if tomorrow BlackBerries cease to exist, these are things I'll miss them for most.


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