Friday, 27 May 2011

Mozilla releases Firefox 5 beta with HTML5 & CSS support

Mozilla has released a beta version of the fifth version of the Firefox web browser for downloading and testing. 
The Firefox 5 beta includes additional support for CSS (cascading style sheet) animations, web standards including HTML5 and better desktop integration for Linux users. 
In a blog post, Mozilla wrote: "This release includes the Firefox channel switcher, performance and stability enhancements and support for the new CSS animations standard to allow developers to build more amazing web experiences." 

"The new Firefox channel switcher lets users move between Firefox Aurora, beta and release channels to test features at various levels of development, quality and polish," said Mozilla. 

The Firefox Aurora development channel is designed to support more frequent releases. The beta version of the web browser was previously tested in Firefox's "Aurora" development channel for five weeks. 

"The shift to a rapid release development cycle delivers cutting edge Firefox features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster," the company added.

The final release of Mozilla Firefox is set for the end of June 2011. Download Firefox Aurora, Firefox 5 beta or Firefox mobile beta versions here


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