Saturday, 19 November 2011

Trail:The game


Trail is a free platform game of a unique kind. It explores the concept that you leave a trail in the world as you journey through life. When you eventually die, you are required to collect this trail to achieve moksha or final piece. It therefore consists of two states: a living world and a dead world. While in the living world, you continue to drop and leave behind memories as you progress. When you die and enter the dead world, your goal is to reach the first memory you left in the world. Your health constantly falls while in the dead world, so you have to achieve your goal within a stipulated time.

In essence, you first play forward and then trace your steps backward from the point of your death. The living world is white, while the dead world is black. In the living world, your score increases you drop memories and decreases when you touch it (symbolising that it is sometimes painful to revisit the past). Once you die, the world turns black and you start from the point of your death with your health reset, though it keeps deteriorating. You can still be hurt and health decrease by the things that hurt you when you were alive, while it increases when you collect memories. However, memories keep moving away from you, making it increasingly difficult to achieve your goal of collecting your first memory.

You win the game when you collect the first memory and achieve moksha, while your life remains incomplete and unfulfilled if you fail. Based on the score you achieve and your age, the game displays a short piece of text that sums your life.

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