Thursday, 1 December 2011

Two iPhones go up in flames in Brazil and Australia

Apple’s iPhone could be a possible fire hazard. In the last weeks there have been two incidents, one in Australia and another in Brazil where the iPhone 4 combusted.Mashable reported the incident in Brazil where a device plugged in for overnight charging allegedly began emitting smoke and sparks less than a foot from its sleeping owner’s face. The earlier incident was reported from Australia where the device began spontaneously began smoking last week in flight and then “self combusted’.
Regional Australian airline Regional Express described the “mobile phone self combustion” in a statement, saying an iPhone belonging to a passenger started glowing red and expelling a “significant amount of dense smoke” after a flight from Lismore, Australia, landed in Sydney on Friday.
Apple's iPhone could be a possible fire hazard. Getty Images
A photo accompanying the statement showed the shattered, warped back of a recent-model black iPhone.
The airline says a flight attendant extinguished the glow and nobody on the plane was hurt. Regional Express reported the incident to authorities in Australia. Apple says it will cooperate with any investigation.
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