Monday, 8 August 2011

Scientists Developed the ‘World’s Smallest Battery!

Technology will definitely never stop its amazing venture. Who cares big bang theory? For us, the cosmos is shrinking at the velocity of knots.
The world is getting smaller by every means. Communication, technology or gadgets, everything comes in a pocket edition, and of course, at a lightening quick speed.

Moving on the same micro-trend, scientists have packaged lithium ion batteries into a single nanowire, which may well turn out to be a rechargeable power source for upcoming generations of nanoelectronics.

Prof Pulickel Ajayan, an Indian-origin scientist who led the research conducted at the Rice University, has claimed that their creation is as small as such devices can actually get.The research is published in 'Nano Letters', a journal by the American Chemical Society.

The first is a sandwich with nickel or tin anode, polyethylene oxide electrolyte and polyaniline cathode layers; it was developed as evidence that lithium ions would flow proficiently from anode to electrolyte and then to a supercapacitor such as cathode that offers the device a knack to charge and discharge.

The second package bags the same features into a single nanowire. During the research, scientists developed centimetre-scale arrays hosting thousands of nanowire devices, each 150 nanometers broad. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter, which is reportedly thousands times smaller than a human hair.

The researchers were very much pleased with their achievement. The nanowire devices demonstrate a superb capacity. “We are fine-tuning the materials to increase their ability to repeatedly charge and discharge”, they revealed.


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